“I wish I could give you my pain and fear for just one day.  Not to hurt you, but rather to have you understand how you hurt me”
Our mission is to rescue, one kitten, one life, one promise at a time. 
Our Mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Educate and Adopt
Rescue, Adopt, Sponsor, Create Hope!
The Kitten House Rescue of Houston has served the community for over five years. 
The Kitten House Rescue pledges its time and resources to pull kittens and cats from high kill shelters
and the abandoned cats/kittens of NW Houston.  The Rescue Center is a No Kill facility.
All of our kittens and cats are fully vetted and certified healthy by a vet before they are adopted out into loving homes.
We are a small non profit 501c3 rescue.  All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated
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Open Daily From
Noon to 6 PM
Male DLH Silver Tabby  
Eustice is a very sweet and loving kitty who loves to snuggle and give kisses.  Eustice was found after he had been attacked by a dog and suffered damage to his back legs.  He gets along fine, but some times loses his balance when he runs.  
  Come and adopt sweet Eustice today!

Milky Way  - Male Classic Tabby  
Milky Way is a young male brown classic tabby kitten who loves to snuggle and cuddle up on a lap.  Milky way and his siblings were bottle babies and had a lot of TLC as babies and is a very social kitten!
Come adopt this sweet kitten today!

"Thank you to your staff and volunteers for your tireless efforts on behalf of the cats/kittens of the Kingsville Animal Control.  Without your support, these cats/kittens would have no chance for a new and loving home." 
Emilio H. Garcia
Kingsville City-County Health Department, Director
"I have been following The Kitten House Rescues activities, and regularly contributing financially to her non-profit operation, for over a year. I share her Facebook posts and help spread the word to potential adopters. Last year I also adopted a (wonderful, loving, beloved) older kitten from her. This kitty had a number of challenges which made her harder to adopt (older age, solid black fur, and suffering alopecia), but she was nevertheless cherished in The Kitten House, and they celebrated when she at last found a home with me. I am genuinely impressed by how deeply these cats and kittens are cared for in this rescue; they all had names, the staff and volunteers knew the name, life and health details for every single one, and they were amazingly social, friendly, well-adjusted animals"  E Cassidy
"The Kitten House Rescue does something that is unfortunately needed in the City due to the drastic pet overpopulation.  The Rescue spends all its resources helping these animals. There are unfortunately still many more not as lucky but the Rescue saves as many lives as it can, doing a thankless job." J Maranciak